Frequently Asked Questions


Find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I join?

All you need to do is complete our application form; we will do the rest!

How do I submit my timesheets?

This is all done using our simple online portal.

How do I get paid?

We run weekly and monthly payment runs, using the Faster Payments system, and can turn around payments on the same day.

How soon can you set me up?

If you need to, we can set you up on the same day – as long as the client responds to us quickly, it’s a straightforward process.

Are there any joining fees?

No, it is free to join and free to leave (but why would you?)

Do I need to complete a tax return?

No, as you will be classed as “employed” rather than “self-employed”; so no need for any self-assessment forms.

Can I claim expenses?

If our client agrees to pay your expenses, we will pay them on to you with nothing deducted.


Any other questions, please contact us using the form on our contacts page.

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